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    Unhappy i NEED help!!!! =[=[

    could someone PLEASE!! do me a HUGE favor, i know they're has to be a lot of errors on this paper i wrote on the thesis "violence begits violence" protrayed in Julius Caesar....if someone could just proof read it and fix or tell me what the errors are i would GREATLY appreciate it..its due tomorrow ..if you could just reply it to my email its: email removed THANK YOU SOOOOoooooooooo MUCH

    Rough Draft

    The statement “violence begets violence” is clearly portrayed when the murder of Caesar provokes an angry mob of citizens against the assassins in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. “A curse shall light upon the limbs of men; / Domestic fury and fierce civil strife shall cumber all the parts of Italy” (III.i.745).Words spoken by Mark Antony, a very loyal friend of Caesar. Of all the people in the story Antony mourns Caesars death the most. Foreshadowing in Antonys words show that a fierce civil war is on its way.

    After Antonys sly and clever words of persuasion to the gullible, naive citizens, a group of men go on a man-hunt for the murderers of Caesar. The men come upon a poet, who just happens to have the same name as Cinna, a conspirer of Caesars death. “It is no matter, his name is Cinna! / bluck but his name out of his heart, and turn him going.”(III.ii.758) yells a citizen. Without second thought the innocent man is killed. Furious and hungry for revenge the group of men continue on their search for the conspirers. After the murders of Caesar were found, the war began.

    With the war lost and word of Titinius dead, Cassius comes to the drastic conclusion that he too must die. “Here, take thou the hilts/ and when my face is covered, as ‘tis now/ guide thou the sword.”(V.iii.786)Pindarus stabs Cassicus and he falls to his death. Resulting from Cassicus tragic suicide, Titinius, alive, returns from the battle field and finds Cassicus. Titinius is flabbergasted as to why Cassicus is dead. “This is a Roman’s part. Come, Cassius’ sword, and find Titinius’ heart” (V.iii.788) and with those last words, Titinus too takes his own life.

    Brutus comes to the scene discovering Cassicus and Titinus dead. Mourning and more exasperated than before, Brutus searches for another battle, where he gains nothing but defeat. Feeling weak and as if all has been lost Brutus asked three men to kill him, but they all refuse. “Hold then my sword, and turn away thy face while I do run upon it. Wilt thou, Strato? (V.iii.791). Strato finally agrees and holds the sword as Brutus kills himself upon it. Others arrive and grieve yet another loss.

    So many lives lost and battles fought. Why? One thing is certain, it can all be tied back to the murder of Caesar. Violence does indeed bring upon more violence. No better lesson can be learned than the one in Julius Caesar. Who knows what could have been in store fore the characters in this story. If it weren’t for the selfish and unruly acts of the citizens in the town of Rome, things may have happened differently. Many lives could have been saved if only jealously and hatred towards Caesar were controlled.

    Works Cited Page

    Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. The Language of Literature.
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    Re: i NEED help!!!! =[=[

    Apotrophes: Antony's sly and clever / Caesar's death /Titinius dead - Titinius' death/ Cassicus' tragic suicide
    Articles missing- Without a second thought
    Punctuation Of all the people in the story, Antony mourns Caesars death the most/ Who knows what could have been in store fore the characters in this story?
    After the murders of Caesar - murderers


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