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    I'm studing linguistics. At this semester, I've taken morphology. During I learnd about many different word-formation way, I found conversion. I think it is very intresting that we are looking for examples in real life such as advertisement, stuff name, etc. do you have something cool idea?

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    Re: Conversion

    I can't say I underrstand your question, but an example of 'conversion' might be this: in the '70s and '80s booksellers started selling related books together in a box. They called the product a 'boxed set' (in which the verb 'box' had the past tense marker '-ed'). But it's easier to say 'box set' (avoiding the tricky /-tst-/ cluster), and this converted form (in which 'box' has reverted to being a noun that behaves like an adjective) is becoming more popular. Google hits for -ed still outnumber it by about 3 to 1 world-wide, but it's still a substantial number, and on UK-only sites the balance is much closer.


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