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    police system of US


    Could anyone introduce or just provide a link on the police system of US? Thanks!


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    Re: police system of US

    You may want to try Google.

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    Re: police system of US


    "twostep" is right, Google is your best bet.

    However, you should know that policing in the US is highly decentralized. There is no single national police force. At the federal level, there are various law-enforcement agencies such as the FBI, DEA and ATF which deal with country-wide issues.

    But true police forces exist only at the state and municipal level.

    States generally have a force of 'state troopers" who deal with law enforcement where there are no municipal police authorities.

    Municipal-level police include county law enforcement (often known as the county sheriff's office rather than the police force) and the town and city police departments you might be more familiar with (eg, LAPD or NYPD).

    You should be able to find all kinds of websites for US state, county and city police forces!

    Good luck!

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