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Thread: Help on grammar

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    Help on grammar

    People are all living in the different parts of the world and we have to create a way to protect our countries from other invaders. War is one of way to spread out their country to even larger in size and people. By looking at the summer of 2002 in the United States, President Bush declared that the “U.S was going to disarm Iraq through warfare”. There are many people who support this war and others against it. My opinion, the U.S should not attack another country in order to protect the countries from further attack.

    President Bush declared war on Iraq for many reasons such as protects the country from further invaders in the future after the accident 911 arose. One of the reason why we should not having war in Iraq is “inspectors did not find evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. War could have been an option later. We had more options than just “war” or “no war.”” The other reason why we should not have war is there are many young American men and women were killed in Iraq. Also, the attack on Iraq will have nothing to do with stopping terrorism. It will have nothing to do with the liberation of the Iraqi people. And it will be only marginally concerned with weapons of mass destruction. The only weapon that can save the world is non-violence. When the happened in September 11 happened, we should not think about the revenge. In stead of that, we would figure out reasons why that happened, look at our security system why they can approach our countries, understand why it attacks easily without our notices. According to A Comparison of Views, it claims “one of the main reasons for forming a nation is for self-defense. If we are being attacked, we should not be arguing about how to respond”. War in Iraq leads other countries to prevent us, afraid of us will invader their countries as well, so they might have create some secret weapons to protect themselves and danger our world, “by attacking without evidence of weapons or U.N. support, we defined international law and made the world more dangerous.” After the war over, we the people who living in the United States have to deal with the looming challenges at home, including health insurance, poverty rates, educations and more, it does not make sense to spend $80 billion or more halfway around the world. Instead of that, we might spend money to help people who surfing from natural disasters.

    Even the war had been over for quite long time, but looking at it effects, we can see that it is not over yet, we have to deal with its consequences and the whole world is suffering. Looking at our economy system after the war, other countries do not want to invest when our country is not stable. That is the reason why jobs are lost, and the economy is far from ideal. The global warming is the problem for all of the people who living in the world, we affect our environments through those weapons. The war affects all the oil prices in all the countries in the world. Furthermore, the most consequences that we are all having to waiting for it to happened is another war, we threat other nations to union their militaries and ready for big war, mostly in North Korea and Israel, “North Korea and Israel both have weapons of mass destruction. If violation of U.N. resolutions were really the reason for the U.S. to attack Iraq now, then the U.S would also have threatened to invade North Korea and Israel to force them to disarm.”

    War in Iraq, which was launched by the United States, was intended to be a preventative war against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. However, as a matter of fact, the things that considered Iraq as a threat to global welfare had not been discovered but the war will produce many advantageous consequences, it certainly caused a greater number of unfortunate events in the future. The war is over, everything has done, we can not change the problem; however, we should send our troop’s home to union our countries. The war in Iraq should not have happened, unfortunately.

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    Re: Help on grammar

    Hello. I Think That Your Problem Is You Manage A Good Vocabulary But Still Are Using Some Word That Dont Belong To The Context You Are Dealing With. Anyhow Try With A Different Writing Atyle And This Will Improve!

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    Re: Help on grammar

    You Misspelled Lot Of Words And Some Times You Might Have An Idea Of What You Want To Say But Your Readers Are Not Getting It. Main Problem: If People Don´t Understand You... Big Problem Coming.

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