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    teaching 'school subjects'


    I always teach my students to write the school subjects in capital letters.
    In spite of the fact that most couse books present them like this, I´ve come across examples where capital letters are not used.
    Even children say to me that their teacher doesn´t pay much attention to the matter.

    Must school subjects be written in capital letters or not?
    What do grammatical rules say about that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: teaching 'school subjects'

    Quote Originally Posted by Magg
    I always teach my students to write the school subjects in capital letters.
    That's great practice. School subjects are also capitalized on the flashcards I have.

    Here's the general idea: If you use a word as a proper noun, then a capital is required. For example, My dad; I love Dad. "Dad" is the name I call him, whereas "dad" is just a word that means "father". Similarly,

    EX: I'm enrolled in Math 202 this year.
    EX: I like math.

    "Math" refers to a specific subject, whereas "math" refers to a subject among many subjects; i.e., I like math: Math 202 and Math 101.

    I took this from the University of Houston's homepage:
    Capitalize academic subjects only when referring to the specific course's full name and number.

    Ex: The Literature 2401 class doesn't have enough students in it.

    Capitalize only names of academic subjects that relate to languages.

    Ex: I studied history last year, but this year I intend to study English.

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