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    Please advise
    My brother is studying in your esteemed school, when my brother was filing his educational certificate and fee challans, he observed and informed me that we had paid July 2011ís fee as twice, one for your institute and other for previous institute. My brother was admitted in your institute on 20th September 2011 and his session was stated on 1st October 2011.
    I think this was oversight by your staff because there no justification that a session was stated on October but fee was collected from July. On the other hand we paid two intuitions for July but no take any advantage or benefit because all educational institutions is closed for June & July for summer vacations.
    So I hope you will consider this fact and give the instruction to the accounts /finance department to release Julyís fee which was collected at the time of admission.

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    Re: admission

    Your letter is not clear. What do you mean by 'fee challans?

    I think that the payment of any fees to another establishment is irrelevant. Possibly all you need to write is:

    When my brother paid for the course at your school beginning 1 October 2011, he was charged fees for July, 20ll. This was clearly a mistake.

    Would you please arrange for your accounts department to return the July fee?

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