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    future form of want

    Hello forum.

    I wanted to formulate the following sentence as follows.

    Sue wants more money.
    Sue wanted more money.
    Sue has wanted more money. (that sounds stange)

    Sue will want more money. (that is probably incorrect)
    Sue is going to want more money. (sounds horrible, probably incorrect)

    Continuous times aren't possible with want.

    Could someone be so kind and give me a suggestion on how to reformulate these sentences and a short statement why one can't use want + future.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: future form of want

    A: I can't imagine that I'll ever want to settle down and raise a family.
    B: Oh, you will/are going to want that one day.

    That is fine."You are going to want" is not a continuous form of 'want'.

    is not commonly used in a continuous form, but it's not impossible: John is wanting to resign again, but it will pass.

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