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    Evaluating written works

    Hi, everyone.
    At my school when we evaluate writing we don't give grades, but have to make some comments. I am always at loss how many/what to write. Besides i think i have to praise something in the work. Could you suggest anything?

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    Re: Evaluating written works

    Here are some suggested comments:

    I believe that you have made some interesting points. Unfortunately mistakes in grammar made some of them difficult to understand. Try to work on some of the points I have underlined so that the message you wish to convey is clear (= I couldn't understand a word).
    You have clearly researched this topic, and made good use of the materials you have found. In future essays, it would be interesting to read more of your own ideas in your own words (= Stop plagiarising.)
    You certainly expressed your ideas clearly and forcefully. Perhaps if, in future assignments, you considered arguments against your case, and explained why they are illogical, your essays would be even more convincing. (= you are a mindless bigot)
    You have good ideas., to which you did not really do justice. Try to expand them a little more in your next assignment. (= 30 words is not enough, bonehead.)
    This assignment benefits from your discussion of the topic with Vladimir. However, try to express your own ideas more in your next assignment. (Don't you dare copy Vladimir's work again).
    You expressed your ideas with refreshing simplicity. Having achieved that, work on combining and contrasting ideas in order to give your work the flow it deserves. (= At least one or two sentences should be more than three words long)
    A lively essay! You certainly maintained the attention of readers, and left them stunned and breathless. Next time, broaden your range and see if you are able to attract slower, more conservative readers. (= No more obscenities! PLEASE use some punctuation marks.)

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