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    Translation to correct

    I have translated a few extracts from the book "Two Captains" by Kaverin and would like you to have a look at the translation. I think it should be literal because the original text is literal as well. Thanks!

    …In the early records, shortly after the navigator’s abandoning the ship, I found an interesting map. It had an old-fashioned look, and I thought that it looked like the map enclosed to the voyage of Nansen on “Frame”.
    Is there now anyone who is unaware of the fact that this land does not exist? But who knows that the captain Tatarinov was the first to give this fact?
    What did he do, this captain whose name you cannot find in any geographical book? He discovered the North Land, he proved that the Peterman’s Land did not exist. He modified the map of the Arctic. Yet he thought of his expedition as a failure.
    But here is the most important thing: having read the diary for the fifth, sixth, seventh time using my copy, I paid my attention to the notes about the captain’s attitude towards his discovery…

    …The only thing that was being discussed in school was my speech. Therefore, I was very busy. It would be an exaggeration to say that that speech had turned me into a hero. But girls from other classes came to take a look at me and discussed me fairly openly. It was the first time my short height had not been taken into consideration. It even turned out that I had a passing resemblance to Charlie Chaplin. Tanya Velichko who was well respected in school, came up to me and said that she had been lashing out at me over the holidays but now she believed I had done right when I had punched Romashov…

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    Re: Translation to correct

    But who knows that the captain Tatarinov was the first to give this fact?- change 'give'- present, tell us?

    that that speech - OK , but you could change the wsecond to 'the'
    my short height - shortness

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