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    making marginal notes

    Can you tell me what marginal note and marking pages mean? Is "making marginal notes" You write additional explanation on the margins? And is "marking pages" just marking on the page numbers or underlining important lines?

    ex)There is a good deal of evidence suggesting that for skilled readers, making marginal notes and marking pages are common comprehension strategies. Taking marginal notes, along with underlining and highlighting helps these readers follow and remember the writer s train of thought. Keep in mind, though, that like reading textbooks, underlining and adding notes require conscious attention and thought. Underlining without thinking about is not going to improve your comprehension. Similarly, marginal comments like Boring, Whatever, and Who Cares are not going to help you remember the details of the passage. What will be helpful is applying the appropriate pointers for thoughtful explanation, and the selective marking of pages.

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    Re: making marginal notes

    (Not a Teacher)

    "making marginal notes" : Exactly what it says on the tin. It means making notes in the margins of the text.

    "marking pages" : This one is a little more vague. It either means underlining and highlighting parts of the text, or marking important pages for future reference.

    Also, I must say I'm amused by that 2nd to last sentence.

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