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    Post different usage in words

    I have 2 questions:
    1. what is the difference in the tone when people talk using "ask" comparing "tell"? Which one is stronger and make the other side more obligated to do something?
    2. How to understand different use in word "subject" as a verb. Some examples of using it will be appreciated, such as "to subect somebody to do something", or "to be subjected something"? In what situation people use it in a passive versus in active sentence?

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    Re: different usage in words

    **** Learner

    I was trying to help, also learn something, but I couldn't understand the questions.

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    Re: different usage in words

    Welcome to the forum, keeplearning.

    Please ask unrelated questions in separate threads.

    Your first question is about Ask and tell. That should have been the title of your thread.

    Now, if you type that into the Search box at the top of the page, you will find links to other answers to this question - especially this one: click here.

    Ask again if you have any specific problems.


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