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    Hi, i urgently need some help with the following esl excercises. Thank you
    There is an error in each of the following sentences. Please a) underline the error and then b)explain why you think the error was.
    Example: a) my house is EXPENSIVER than yours. b) it is fine to say "cheaper than" in English. But words of three syllables use "more" i.e. "more expensive than". The learner is thinking of the two-syllable pattern.
    1. She said me she had tickets for the concert.
    2. The health is the most important thing in the life.
    3. My mother is lawyer.
    4. They didnt went to the shops yesterday
    5. Please give us informations about your college.
    6. I am in Birmingham since February.
    7. My family living in Baghdad.
    8. I will give it to you when i will find it.
    9. I want a job where i get too much money.

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    We don't do homework for people.

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