Hi! I am applying for a scholarship and i need help in checking it. Can you check if it's good in content and without mistakes? Will be grateful...Thanks in advance

First I would like to express my appreciation for this chance to apply for the new scholarship for Belarusian students of Open Europe scholarship scheme. I am Alena Germanenko, 24y.o. pharmacist from Belarus who is interested in getting more specific knowledge in Pharmacy.
From the early years Iíve learned how unique I am because I was born in such a magnificent country as Belarus. My country was and is always in the center: in the center of most occurred wars, in the center of tragedies like Chernobyl and of course in the center of Europe. Thatís why our history, culture and traditions are a great mixture of different nations but is still very unique. I was learning all this during my studies at Gymnasium #9 Ė one of the very few gymnasiums in Minsk where the language of education is Belarusian. Not only studying in our language but also attending classes of Belarusian National Culture, atmosphere of our gymnasium and attitude of our teachers taught us to love and be proud of our nationality.
Since childhood I was curious person with a strong willing to open new countries and cultures. For this I can thank my parents and teachers from gymnasium for the knowledge, respect and love of foreign languages and cultures. During my school years I was learning English, a little of German and Polish. What is more, I experienced my English and Polish a lot in future. In 2007 I won a place in program Study tours to Poland during which I discovered the characteristics and differences of this country. However, KGB wasnít pleased of my winning, so just after my come back I had some problems.
In summer 2009 I participated in program Work& Travel USA, which was very exciting because for the first time in my life I was on the other continent and so far from my parents. I was staying in Boston, MA, where I found a job of helper in the pharmacy (exciting beginning of my career!!!). During 3weeks I was working hard and expressed myself as a reliable person so in August I was on a position of manager. This promotion helped me to understand that I like organizing work and I am good in it. Thus, in the end of August the staff of pharmacy was really upset of my coming back home. My employer was kidding that they will move pharmacy to Minsk because of me as a good administer. During this 2 month I got a lot of practical experience in my profession, saw the work of American pharmacy inside and what is more, improved my American English.
My experience in investigating foreign pharmaceutical business and organization of pharmaceutical studies continued in September 2009 when my university sent me in a group of students for internship to Poznan University of Medical Science in Poland. During 3 weeks we were discovering the life of students, the organization and learning process of pharmaceutical faculty in Poznan.
Not only academic but also social and cultural life of University was attractive to me. Throughout university years I was an active student who was taking part at the performances as a solo singer. Owing to this fact I have a lot of impressive memories about this part of my studentsí life.
Just after graduation I had great chance to learn something new, which is now a pungent problem in modern world. At Transparency summer school on integrity which was held 5-9.07.2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania I first met with the problem of corruption. During these 5 days the best lecturers from all over the world told us about this problem, then me and my new friends discussed it and tried to find our own solutions which we can use in practice later in future.
But for last 7 years my main passion is pharmacy. The only pharmaceutical faculty of Belarus at that time was situated in Vitebsk. So at the age of 17 I found myself alone in the other city that made me more independent. To be honest when I entered the University I thought that pharmacist can only work with drugs at the pharmacy. Later I realized that there are different types of pharmacists and each type does its specific work. Firstly, I was working as a usual pharmacist- selling drugs and giving advices to people. During these months I developed such good qualities as patience and helpfulness to people. But as the time passed I realized that I want to work in another field of pharmacy. As a result when I was offered a job in Pharmacopeial- and- pharmaceutical analysis laboratory I thought itís a good chance to try something new. For almost 8 month my main duty was to validate techniques and then using them to check quality of drugs that are in process of registration in Belarus. Some time ago I my boss delegated some new duties to me so now I am also doing translations for our National Pharmacopeia from English. People often claim that such type of work is boring but I want to argue with that. I know that I am helping to arrange Pharmacopeia which is our pharmaceutical law, thus, establishing National pharmaceutical system.
Needless to say, still my main wish is to help people so I understood that I need more specific knowledge in organization of better pharmaceutical system. Unfortunately in Belarus I canít specialize in chosen field of Pharmacy. So I think that studying at one of the following programmes as MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (line Medicines and Society) at University of Copenhagen, Master of Public Health at The Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santť Publique, MSc in International Pharmacoeconomics & Health economics at Welsh school of pharmacy is a great contribution to my future career. Each of these schools is interesting to be studied at because of the lectures and practical seminars of outstanding international professors, of modern technologies and educational facilities. I am sure that during studies I will be taught specific concepts and tools of economic analysis in healthcare and pharmaceutical development which is urgent in our modern world because especially after economical crisis itís useful to analyze the situation and make right decisions for your country and people in pharmaceutical field.
Thus, I hope that after completing studies at one of the chosen Universities I can return to my country with plenty of ideas how to optimize health care system. In addition, communication with students from different countries is a good opportunity of learning new people, their traditions and points of view. And of course donít forget about European countries itself - traveling across them, learning and understanding of culture and language and tasting national food.
Finally I am determined to make the most out of the scholarship benefits. I will optimize my stay at any of these universities to garner a wealth of ideas that will apply when I return to my country and at the same time contribute to a better University and the Europeans with my country Belarus.
With my strong academic background and relevant working experience, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this course.
Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely, Alena Germanenko