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    Re: British slang- "Flappy Chap"?

    Quote Originally Posted by catbert View Post
    Are you talking about the same show?
    I am afraid all of this makes it only more confusing.
    And you mean "flap" as in "argument"?
    Yes - Top Gear, cars, un-PC banter (Jeremy Clarkson got into trouble last week talking about the public-sector strikes last week on another show:

    And I don't mean 'flap' as in 'argument' - which is an extended usage because an argument often causes a disturbance. I mean 'flap' as in 'kerfuffle'/'tizz'/ 'unmanly [in the view of Jermy Clarkson] state of indecision'. (For Clarkson, the ultimate insult is 'girlie'.)


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    Re: British slang- "Flappy Chap"?

    To be honest, this idea crossed my mind when I was reading the 7th entry article on that website I mentioned.

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