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    Please check my sales advister, thx!!

    Please help to check my sales advister for my assignment, thx a lots!!!
    Dear Sir/Madam
    In Hong Kong, we all know air pollution is serious at outdoors, but only few people realize that indoor air quality is usually worse.
    Particles from cigarette smoke, fuel combustion, viruses, bacteria and mould spores.
    Gases pollutants from combustion appliances, cigarette smoking, vehicle exhausts gases from outdoors.
    Radon, a carcinogenic radioactive pollutant originates from natural sources such as mineral building material.
    Our ionic air purifiers could help you. The reason is because regular air cleaner use a filter that catches the air particles. The problem with these air cleaner is that once the filter become clogged, the air cleaner are no longer able to do their job correctly. You could have your air cleaner running all day long and if the filter is clogged, itís not doing a bit of good. With ionic air purifiers, there is no filter. The ionic particles bond with the impurities, making them heavier and thus taking them out of the air.
    If you care about your health and the health of your family and you finally want to get rid of the dirty air that you may not be aware of but can be assured that itís there, go out and get yourself an ionic air purifier and stop breathing dirty air. You never know, you could save so much money on future doctor bills that the machine will literally pay for itself.
    Order it now can have 10% discount if you buy before 2 Jan.
    Yours faithfully
    Joe Yeung
    Marketing Manager

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    Re: Please check my sales advister, thx!!

    If it's an assignment, it would be unfair to give you the answers- it's meant to be your work.

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