Dear Recruiting Officer,

This letter is to express my sincere interest in bringing my unique background and expertise into the multilingual sales environment where a strong command in multiple languages and presentational skills are required in representing and selling the high-quality medical products of BSK. (It is the name of the company.)

Since graduating from ***** university with English Literature degree in 2007, I’ve worked in various multicultural and multilingual environments where strong linguistic abilities and interpersonal skills are called for. Besides diverse translation and interpretation experiences, I have worked for a human resource company, recruiting foreign instructors for various Korean academic institutions both public and private. And I am currently working at an immigration firm as an overseas coordinator with several North American universities, as their international agent, to help the clients find right schools and facilitate their enrollment procedures.

As for the military service (2002~2004), I was selected as a translation specialist after having gone through a highly selective process and stationed at the ROK/US Combined Forces Command in the US Army Base in Yongsan to provide linguistic support for a wide range of military coordination between the Republic of Korea and the U.S., contributing to the long standing alliance between the two nations.

Allow me to list my core strengths:
1. Strong command of both Korean and English
2. Strong presentation/interpersonal skills in multilingual environments
3. Enjoy working under pressure/ strong passion for the medical industry

On a more personal note, I have grown up as a son of a former pharmaceutical executive, witnessing my father’s dealings with government officials and doctors in major hospitals in an effort to expand his company’s business interests as well as his coordinating with foreign pharmaceutical companies for new product development. I guess that’s why I have had a strong affinity for the medical industry since when I was very young and I am more than excited to take this opportunity to cut my teeth into the industry and excel at what I do.