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    to not or not to

    In this sentence I would like to know which option would be better:(to not or not to)
    e.g. Steve jobs gave us a very important lesson: to not/not to give up and keep on going,

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    Re: to not or not to

    Never split the two parts of an infinitive: to + verb. The proper form is 'not to give up.'

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    Re: to not or not to

    Quote Originally Posted by Preceptor View Post
    Never split the two parts of an infinitive: to + verb.
    This is an artificial rule. In any case, 'to' is not an essential part of the infinitive. Many writers today refer to the to-infinitive (as in I ought to go) and the bare infinitive (as in I should go).

    Many people prefer not to split thetwo parts of the to-infinitive, but is quite common to do so, especially in less formal writing and conversation.


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