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    transparency of energy markets

    What does "transparency" mean here? It depends on context, but I guess the factors that can affect the gasoline price. What do you think?

    ex) Many people assume that the price of gasoline is totally dependent on the price of crude oil. So drivers rush to the gas stations when they hear the news about the rise in crude oil price. However, the price of crude oil is not the only factor that contributes to the changes in that of gasoline. Gasoline prices are also affected by the transparency of energy markets and government regulations. In Korea, for instance, tax is one of the biggest factors to decide gasoline prices. Therefore, it would be better not to assume that the price of gasoline will go up or down at the same rate as the price of crude oil.

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    Post Re: transparency of energy markets

    *** NOT A TEACHER ***

    Transparency (market)

    I hope this helps.

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