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    can some one rate my ielts general training essay.

    Most students choose to work part time during university studies. Do you think its a good or a bad idea? Give your opinion and support it with an explanation and examples.

    University studies have become challenging and expensive in recent times, which has once again led to the debate of whether to take parttime work during university studies. I am listing down the points favouring it, though, there exists reasons against this as well.

    First of all, cost of education have skyrocketted recently which is leaving big hole in the pockets of the parents, this has also impacted negatively in the students concentration with the education. Hence, students can take up the part time job to meet the expense for the education.

    Second of all, the environment where one study is totally different from a work environment. If students have the part time job, it will prepare them for the challenges they may face when they go for jobs fulltime.

    Third of all, if the specialization in education and parttime job is closely related, it will provide an hands on experience.

    The only negative factor seen against parttime job is the concentration on the education may have the negative effect. Though this can be overcome by carefully chosing the job.

    To cite an example, one of my friend, who took up a part time job while doing post graduation, was more successful in his career. The partime job not only covered the cost for his studies, but gave him thorough understanding on software life cycle, with a simple live project. This give him an added advantage during the campus placements.

    To summarize, partime jobs will be benificial for the students generally, and if the job is more related to the studies, definitely put the student in an advantageous position.

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    Wink Re: can some one rate my ielts general training essay.

    268 words so the 250 word minimum is satisfied. On the basis of Coherence and Cohesion. Lexical Resource. Grammatical Range and Accuracy ... I'd say 6 and above. Then again, I'm not the last word...your IELTS examiner is.

    Btw: this follows the academic essay pattern. If you're GT your essay topic will be broader and less of an argumentative format.
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