Dear Sir or Madam

I hereby apply for entrance to the Masterís Degree Programme in Public international Law at University for the 2012 autumn term. I am very interested in this degree and I am confident that my academic background in legal studies, combined with my work experience, will fulfill your requirements.

I am a finn paralegal working as an Immigration adviser for a law firm where I am improving my skills in Para legalism. From 2009 till present I worked as an adviser/counselor for immigrants in Greece, however in the year 2010 I had the opportunity to take some immigration courses in Greece and Spain which gave me more experience of working with asylum clients. My 3 year paralegal experience, and over 2 year legal studies in general law degree is specialized in international laws and treaties.

After over 3 years of professional experience in law firm I have acquired the maturity to decide in which area I intend to specialize. This Master Programme will contribute positively to the evolution of my career as it suits perfectly as an upgrade of the current position I hold and will allow me to develop my skills in European legal system, international treaties and the common law countries and practice.

Since 2007, during after I have moved to Greece, I became interested in human rights, becoming an activist in Greek society; I become more interested in the European legal system, the EU treaty and culture. From my studies at (distance learning) College I expect to gain knowledge not only in the American legal system but also in several areas of international laws. Studying the courses included in this Master Programme will let me understand more about the international human right laws, European legal system and the common law countries, how to advise clients and help give them more information on the EU legal system, counsel those clients from the third country in need of their right of movement within the EU, and how to be a successful activist in international laws.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Thank you in advance,