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    Modern English ??

    Hi everyone!

    I have been teaching English for 3 years at a state university in Turkey. I have mainly taught English reading, writing and speaking skills up until now. This year the English Language and Literature department asks me to teach "Modern English". I asked them what they meant by "Modern English", and they told me that students were tired of studying with old English texts and it would be "fun" for them to study modern English. I believe they want me to focus on colloquial English. Do you know any ESL books focusing on colloquial English? Or should I just prepare my own material using authentic sources? Students are upper-intermediate, and they will have "Modern English" for 4 hours a week. Thank you!

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    Re: Modern English ??

    What has amazed me most about the so-called "modern' English is all the published books out there in the market. Recently, the institute I work in has brought the new edition of a series of communication-based books called 'American English File". I think they could be a good option for you, and your students, since their latest version was just published in 2010. They are published by Oxford and I'm sure the website would give you enough hint to decide.
    just browse oxford's website.

    Good luck.

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