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    Arrow like this - like that

    1rst question
    How can I use "Like this" / "Like that"? Is there any difference?
    2n question
    Is it correct the sentence: "My professional aim is becoming a doctor"?

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    Re: like this - like that

    What about?

    Max: Do it like this. (The way I am showing you.)
    Pat: Do it like that. (The way Max is showing you.)

    Use "this" to describe things that are close to you and "that" to describe things that are not close to you.

    Max: I want to buy a car like this (one), here.
    Pat: What about a car like that (one), over there?


    Try, "My professional aim is to be a doctor."
    Try, 1st and 2nd, not 1rst and 2n.

    All the best.


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