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    Unhappy Finit Verb

    Can U Expalin What A Finite Verb Is In Very Simple Terms

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    Re: Finit Verb

    Okay...a finite verb expresses a state of being and can stand by itself as the main verb of the sentence. Finite verbs also have tense (time-refernce). The finite verb makes a statement about the subject; it is the predicate of the sentence. (Subject=what (or whom) the sentence is about; Predicate=tells something about the subject). In other words, the finite verb indicates that the subject is something or does something. Finite verbs can be the only verb in the sentence, they can function on their own. Some examples are:

    "She gives them a soda"
    "She ran with her dog"
    "He did his homework"

    If you are curious, the other verbal form is called a "non-finite" verb. Another way to think of "non-finite" is "unfinished". In other words, these verbs, also called verbals, cannot, by itself, be the main verb. Hope this helps!

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    Lightbulb Re: Finit Verb

    Also, take a look at our glossary definition for Finite Verb

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