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    How to understand?

    This is a passage:
    "Crows are probably the most frequently met and easily identifiable members of the native fauna of the United States. The great number of tales, legends, and myths about these birds indicates that people have been exceptionally interested in them for a long time. On the other hand, when it comes to substantive -- particularly behavioral -- information, crows are less well known than many comparably common species and, for that matter, not a few quite uncommon ones: the endangered California condor, to cite one obvious example."
    I don't understand the meaning of the sentence in bold.Would you pls explain it for me?( Why the author mention the endangered California condor in here?)

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    Re: How to understand?

    We know a lot more about both common and rare species than we do about crows. The California Condor is used as an example of a rare bird we know a lot about, which might seem strange as it's endangered, while crows are everywhere.

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