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    Music is played in every society and culture in the world

    (Some people think that music brings only benefits and aspects societies. others; however, think that music can have negative point influence on society)

    Music have been discovered by primitive humans in thousands years ago when their sealed many shapes of music instruments in the caves which is display
    the music’s history. Harmonics of sounds probably have had being used in the tribal ceremony for praying and victimize. During human development, the applied of music have understood by scientist who have interested to find out. Primary of instruments invented by people in every region have different in shape but it has some mutual parts such as drum and tabor .These days, music has been much more progressed in instruments, technics, singers, voice and targets which has extended in division of notion to unity and allied in country and also affected education in order to enhance the culture. It can help to the prospect of each country to deal with suffer and disaster.

    The education, music can assist to modify most of problems or unusual behaviors specially in growth of teenager, balance their manner , control their emotions and instinct which is significant roles in boost their lives in order to cope with them in future. Hence, psychologist encourage teens to play music or play at theater as operate and release their excess energy. As a matter of fact music is a natural medicine for them.
    The other aspect is influence in the culture; culture is the complicated issue that covered variety matters such as history, unity, identity and transitions. Music is the language of cultures that speak to the society or internationally for emerge the topics that mention above. Traditional music has formed by people who believe their opinion during the history and make presumably the identity to help the unity to defend in front of enemies, hardships and famine.
    The industrialization of the music, although in fact that, modernized of music expand swift and tragically growing vast. Some of important parts in every society which is focus on the goals of achievements produce the music for profit and economic reasons. Music industries fabricate new jobs such as the poet, singer, composer and producer; these are rudiments of each parts of music for manufacture peace or albums. Also, rests of singers and bands have close competitions in order to get attentions of people to have fans and become famous. In this situation, Musician can help indirectly to politician , they can used this market to achieve their goals such as via concert which is an appropriate way special for young adults to release and discharge their excitement , stress to substitute and alter the emotions which can probably prevent to turmoil and violent.
    Music is the matter effect on culture, education, and economics which is crucial for every society would prefer to enrich their moral values and behaviors. Otherwise, some people believe that it may have many negative aspects. Perhaps, in religious culture, fundamentalists might have been fanaticism to concur the beneficial of music is not remarkable in comparison with negative features. Advantageously, music is acceptable for most of society in all over the world, it has fans in every part who would like to have fun with their friends or relax for decrease the stress to get more energy.
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