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Thread: How to say?

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    Smile How to say?

    Answer me please.
    How to say right?
    1. I live in Central street 43
    2. I live on Central street 43
    3. I live at Central street 43
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    Re: How to say?

    Check this up:

    So you see, you can use 'on' or 'at' when communicating your address.

    Hope it helps.

    Good luck ;)

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    Re: How to say?


    EX: I live on Central Street. (My house is located on that street.)
    EX: I live at 43 Central Street. (MY house is located at that address.)

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    Re: How to say?

    At is also used for complete addresses, for example:

    "I live at 22 Orchard Road, London, England."

    On is also used for street names, for example: "I live on Orchard Road"

    In is also used for geographical areas such as cities and countries, for example: "I live in London" or "I live in England".

    So why do we live "on a street" but "in a city"? And how can you know for sure when to use in, on, or at? It depends on the perspective of the speaker, and what is considered acceptable in English. These are questions that all English learners encounter and they cannot be completely answered through rote memorization or lists of rules. As your exposure to English grows you will gain enough experience to be able to decide for yourself which is correct. Simply keep trying to understand, and eventually you will.

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    Re: How to say?

    This is a nice thread.

    Additionally, "in a city" has to do with boundaries. Note that,

    EX: I am playing in the street; i.e., within the boundaries of the street (curb ~ curb).
    EX: I am playing on the street; i.e., on the surface of the road.


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