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    Question [Proof Read] Cul de sac


    I would be grateful, if you proof read this article of mine for any errors, along with reasons. The article goes like this:

    It was Thursday 26 October 2005. I was with my friend in his car, heading towards Karachi Club Road: we had interviews in Mobilink at STF building. The interview was scheduled at 1:30 P.M. Notwithstanding my friends driving abilities, we were sure that we would not able to make on time, reason: traffic jam. At 1:00 P.M Shahrah-e-Faisal seemed to be a dead-end, full of cars moving at a speed that could make ants think that they were faster.

    Traffic jam has been a problem for so many years in Pakistan, with the number of cars increasing every year, traffic mismanagement, etc. The increment in cars is directly proportional to the increment in the problems for the citizens. This amounts to the headache that every single citizen has to have everyday. Arenít there any ways to stop this constant jamming of traffic?

    And yes, the interview went really well !

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    Re: [Proof Read] Cul de sac

    Karachi Club Road: we had - I'd use a semi-colon there
    my friends driving- missing apostrophe
    reason- the reason: a traffic jam
    the increment in cars- I'd say increase in numbers of cars
    constant jamming of traffic- constant gridlock


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