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    Help with fluency

    i am from tamil nadu.i am not strong in english.can anyone guide me to get fluency in english?

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    Re: Help with fluency

    Quote Originally Posted by mazz View Post
    i I am from t Tamil nNadu.spacei I am not strong in e English.spacec Can anyone guide me to get fluency in e English?
    Welcome to the forum, mazz.

    In future, please start a new thread if you have a fresh question. Adding your question to threads already started can lead to possibly confusing answers. Please also try to give your threads a title that gives us some idea of what you are asking about. I have moved your question to a new thread, and given it a title.

    You may receive hellpful responses here.

    Here are a few pointers about writing:

    1. Always use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, for the first person pronoun 'I' and for proper nouns, languages and adjectives of nationality.
    2. Leave a space after a punctuation mark

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