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    "The vibes are really cool"?

    Two people talking about energy drinks.

    B: So you think they're pretty useful when you need to stay awake.
    A: Definitely. A lot of people in our class have been drinking them recently. Energy drinks are so in style right now. You should try one sometime!
    B: Yeah, Iíve seen a lot of commercials for energy drinks on TV and in magazines. The vibes are really cool. But Iíve also read that they are extremely unhealthy.

    I've checked the definition of vibe, but still not sure what the sentence means.
    Thanks a million!

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    Re: "The vibes are really cool"?

    B: Yeah, Iíve seen a lot of commercials for energy drinks on TV and in magazines. The vibes are really cool.


    (1) I shall not try to answer your question. I shall leave that to others.

    (2) I shall, however, use it in another situation. Maybe it will give you an idea

    about vibes (vibrations) that can help you to better understand your sentence.

    (3) Mr. and Mrs. Smith are looking for a hotel:

    Husband: Hey, look! There's a hotel. Why don't we stay there?

    Wife: I don't think so.

    Husband: Why not?

    Wife: I'm getting bad vibes from that place.

    That is, the wife is "feeling" that the hotel is not a good place for them. What

    causes these bad feelings? Well, maybe certain things point to the fact that

    they should not stay at that hotel. Things such as:

    (a) There's a police car parked in front.
    (b) There are two drunk men lying near the hotel.
    (c) The hotel needs painting.
    (d) Some of the windows are broken.
    (e) She hears some screaming coming from inside the hotel.
    (f) There's this sign: We rent rooms by the hour.

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