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    "reading" vs "studying"

    I am researching the use of the word "reading" in regard to university study. Nowadays any student at university is said to be "reading" a subject, but I have found many people who insist that only Oxbridge students can properly apply the term "reading" to their studies and students of other educational establishments should only use the term "studying".

    Could anyone help me clear this up (preferably with references)?


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    Re: "reading" vs "studying"


    Interesting usage. I've yet to find anything on it. Sorry.

    Does it have to do with Oxbridge's extensive reading list requirements? If so, I don't see why that usage couldn't be applied to other colleges and universities. Mind you, as a new usage, "reading a subject" seems to be in its infancy. It just hasn't had time or chance enough to circulate. And that it started at Oxbridge says a great deal, too; you know how they like their traditions.


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