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    The difference between "conserve" and "preserve"

    What is the main difference between "conserve" and "preserve"?

    conserve energy

    conserve water

    preserve natural heritage

    preserve confidentiality

    preserve anonymity

    In my impression, "conserve" is "to maintain the status quo".
    "Preserve" is "to keep something as it is".
    What do you think is the difference between the two words?

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    Re: The difference between "conserve" and "preserve"

    con-, against
    pre-, past

    To preserve jam; to keep it fresh.
    To conserve jam; to keep it for future use.

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    Re: The difference between "conserve" and "preserve"

    Casiopea, thank you. Your explanation helped me clear my question.
    These two words are sometimes very confusing.


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