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    dont know how to some of the words?

    My name is jenn, and im studying English as Foreign Language. I am a little confuse using some of the words like "OF", "FOR", "WITH", and "TO".. could anybody help me? whats the difference? and when to use them?

    thank you..

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    Re: dont know how to some of the words?

    You have just asked the million dollar question!

    Prepositions are the cruelest invention known to man and you may have noticed that 9/10's of my questions relate to prepositional usage ... and I'm a native English speaker! (I have been living away from North America since 1985 and I can feel my grip on English prepositions slowly loosening).

    My advice to you is to use the dictionary for the physical concrete definitions of prepositions: "The man is in the car", "Your dinner is on the stove", etc. Idioms and fixed expressions using prepositions ("The airplane arrived on time and I got to the airport in time to see it land", "You're in for a treat") simply have to be learned by heart.

    Or if in doubt about a particular expression, ask the good folks at!

    Good luck with your studies.


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