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    Arrow Form of sentence

    Hello, I am having trouble with the following sentence:

    She used to have long hair.

    Would I be correct in saying the FORM of this sentence is made up the following way:

    subject + past participal form of the verb 'have' + noun phrase

    or is this correct? : used to + verb + noun phrase

    or are they both incorrect???

    I would be greatful of any assistance.

    Thank you - Vicki

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    Re: Form of sentence

    Here's how I'd do it:

    She (Subject)
    used to have (Verb)
    long hair (Object of "have")

    Note, "used to" takes "have" as its object.

    Verb: Long hair is what she used to have.
    Verb: To have long hair is what she used. (ungrammatical)

    "used" is not a verb in that sentence. "used to" is the main verb.

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