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  1. chriswang


    Hi Teacher:

    I am not quite sure about the meaings of the bracketed parts in the following sentences. Would you please do me a favor?

    1. The Farm occupies twenty square miles, most of it covered in tall pine forest, [with the central buildings in a ten-acre clearing two miles from the front gate.]

    2. It has become fashionable in certain [liberal circles] to attack our intelligence services.

    3. You will learn about [‘dead drop’], how to covertly communicate with your contacts.

    4. There’s one more thing I want to discuss today. Coincidence. In our work, there is [no such animal].

    5. Your not taking on this assignment might [throw a cloud on ]Admiral Whittaker.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: meanings

    1- The farm house, barn, etc, are in a ten-acre area, where the trees have been cut down.
    2- Liberal circles are area, like in some sections of the media, where liberal thinking dominates.
    3- A dead drop is used in spying- it is a place where information can be left withut physical contact between the spies.
    4-It means that there is no cincidence in this area.
    5- Make people think badly of him

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    Re: meanings

    For #1:
    The clearing could also be a natural clearing where the trees just didn't grow, don't you think?

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