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    Re: specific meaning of "but" word

    Quote Originally Posted by 5jj View Post
    I'd use 'special thanks ...' there.


    (1) Thank you for your kind advice.

    (2) We learners greatly appreciate the patient and courteous way in which you disagree

    with other people.

    (3) Of course, other learners should definitely take your suggestion and use

    "special" in that sentence.

    (4) As for me, however, I shall continue to use that beautiful old word in such

    sentences. I checked the many examples of "especial thanks" in Google books,

    so I feel justified in using it.

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    Re: specific meaning of "but" word

    Isn't it like this "e" in "especial" makes the ordinary "special" even more "special"...?

    This is just a question and I am definitely NOT a teacher.

    By the way I highly invite and encourage ALL English language experts to correct me whenever they regard me being wrong, whether in spelling, grammar, lexical issues or whatever else regardless if it is a topic-related expression or a second-plan utterance, a serious mistake or a petty one. ALL revisions are extremely welcome and appreciated. Just to let you know.

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    Re: specific meaning of "but" word

    Quote Originally Posted by TheParser View Post
    Thank you for your kind advice..
    I gave no advice Parser. I simply noted what I would say.

    However, I will now give some advice. Learners should note that in British English the adjective 'especial' is rather formal, and is used only before a noun - Be careful with that! It's especial.

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