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    "Watch" it!

    What would be the more common phrasing here?:

    "Is your watch a wind-up or battery-powered"?
    "Is your watch a wind-up or does it run on a battery"?

    Or would there be a third possibility, i.e. "is it battery-powered"?

    By the way, I trust my hyphens have been properly placed!


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    Re: "Watch" it!

    What about?

    EX: Do you wind your watch, or does it have a battery?

    "battery-powered" (hyphen optional) sounds odd if used to describe a watch, but "battery-operated" sounds fine to my North American ears. "powered" implies power; watched don't really have any power. "run on a battery" sounds OK but it's iffy. It's the "run" part. Again, "power" is implied. All in all, "have a battery" works well.

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