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Thread: nowhere kid

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    nowhere kid

    One dictionary here gives 'nowhere kid' as
    its equivalent in English.
    HIKIKOMORI is a (young) person who secludes
    him/herself from outside and stay home practically
    all the time. Similar to NEET I think, but the point
    is that they shut themselves from outside.
    Are there any English equivalent for that?
    Thank you.

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    Re: nowhere kid

    We have "Billy no mates" in BrE. BTW I'd never heard NEET until I went to Japan

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    Re: nowhere kid

    Oh, you came to Japan. When was it? Why didn't you call me? LOL
    Well, I hear that 'NEET' was originated in England.
    Not in Education, Employment or Training.
    Anyway, 'Bill no mates'. Great! Thanks.


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