I am applying for a scholarship, and would appreciate some one proof reading this and giving me feed back on my punctuation. Thank you!

No one has ever asked me what my goals are. This is when I suddenly realize I have never taken the time to sort them out. I believe, outside of an advisor, that I am being guided by my heart. After much pondering, I find myself thinking about many goals and have decided to classify them into two categories: short term goals and long term goals. Honestly though, my goals are not so much about me as they are about the people to whom I am fascinated with and compelled to help live their best lives. My immediate goal is to finish my degree in associate of arts and graduate with honors from Meridian Community College. I am already prepared to transfer to Mississippi State to continue my education in the field of social work. The first step is to earn my bachelor degree so that I may combine my life experience and education to motivate and encourage others to reach their own goals. A masterís degree is my long term goal because I will not want to short change any client that I may have the opportunity to have a connection with. Thank you for this moment of reflection.