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    Question the difference btw 'reach' & 'arrive'..?

    can any one tell me the difference btw 'reach' & 'arrive'..?

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    Re: the difference btw 'reach' & 'arrive'..?

    I reached the station
    I arrived at the station

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    Re: the difference btw 'reach' & 'arrive'..?

    ic...thxs much...

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    Re: the difference btw 'reach' & 'arrive'..?

    Hello. A few months ago I did some research on collocations of "reach" and then I realized that how much "reach" differed from "arrive"; "reach" takes a far wider variety of nouns than "arrive".

    "reach" + something related to "height"
    reach + ( ceiling, floor, roof, peak, height, climax etc.)

    "reach" + something related to "statistics"
    reach + ( record high price, xxx percent, the highest point, the highest level, a supersonic speed, a speed of 300km per hour , the odeal weight etc.)

    "reach" + something related to "conclusion"
    reach + ( consensus, conclusion, agreement etc. )

    "reach" + something related to "age"
    reach + ( retirement age, legal drinking age, their 60s etc.)

    I guess in many of the above examples "reach" cannot be replaced with "arrive at", but I'm not a native. Native English speakers, please give me your opinions about that.

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