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    'ever' with present perfect


    Could you please check whether it is ok or not?

    A: Have you ever won the lottery?
    B: No, I haven't ever won the lottery.

    My question is: Can we use 'ever' in negative form as an answer like that?

    Thank you...

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    Re: 'ever' with present perfect

    We can, but 'never' is more usual (without the n't, of course).

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    Re: 'ever' with present perfect


    Can we use 'ever' in negative form


    (1) In negative questions, "ever" often = I cannot believe it.

    Mona: You just said a bad word. Shame on you!

    Tom: Haven't you ever said a bad word when you were angry, too? (I think you have.)

    Mona: No, I haven't. I'm perfect.


    Joe: I am going to Disneyland for the first time in my life.

    Martha: First time? You have lived only one mile from Disneyland for the

    last 30 years. Haven't you ever been there before?

    Joe: No. I've been too busy. Now that I'm retired, I have time.

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