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    's and s'

    I need help with trying to explain to my daughter the difference for example between daughter's and daughters'. If you could please help me explain to and 8 yr old a type of sentence please.. I would like to thank you for your help if you are able to help me.

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    Re: 's and s'


    Singular and Plural: add -s for more than one
    EX: one daughter
    EX: two daughers
    EX: three daughters

    Possession: add apostrophe -'s
    EX: one daughter => daughter's

    Possession: if the word ends in -s, add only an apostrophe
    EX: two daughters => daughters'

    Example Sentences

    #1 I have two daughters and they share the same room. My daughters' bedroom is next to my bedroom.

    #2 I have one daughter. My daughter's bedroom is next to my bedroom.


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