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    Staring at/into the sun

    I've encountered the phrase 'stare at the sun', 'staring into the sun' several times in songs and apart from the literal meaning of it (which, however, doesn't always make much sense in the lyrics) I think I don't get it.
    What could it mean?
    Two examples:
    And if I don't speak
    It's cause I get disconnected
    But I won't be burned by the reflection
    Of the fire in your eyes
    As you're staring at the sun


    I see the way the salesmen
    Stare into the sun
    I stood and watched them
    As they fell off one by one

    thank you :)

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    Re: Staring at/into the sun

    The two usages of "Staring into the sun" that you've given don't point to any English idiom that I know of.
    Song lyrics are generally just bad poetry. Does it really matter if you can't make sense out of it? What ever happened to listening to stuff like Bob Dylan and enjoying it even though nothing made sense?

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