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Thank you for your efforts to make my work better, but not this was my interest, which should be evident from my writing cited by you, when I opened the thread.

Anyhow, 1 the adoption of institutions from another culture is normal characteristic of a cultural process known also as cultural diffusion. As for a reason of the adoption indeed, it is among the central topics of my research but not of the thread.

2 I have nor said nor even thought of like idea. How you can discuss the context of work through an incomplete sentence of it (the more complete version you could find on this page}? You also happened not to be prophetic regarding my interest in the Pentagon.

3 You are about what cultures want to "export," while I am chiefly about what is the necessary reason to import them by other cultures.

4 the principal reason is that using the word country introduces geographical--space-- connotations, extraneous for my research of culture.

Are the replies considerable, as well as my English understandable, enough now
In which case I must say that I am sorry but, not only can I not understand your original posting, but I also fail to understand (due to the way you structure your English) what you are struggling to express above.