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    Smile admit or acknowlegde ?

    What is the difference between them? Thanks.

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    Re: admit or acknowlegde ?

    Quote Originally Posted by zoucang View Post
    What is the difference between them? Thanks.
    Please look both of them up in the dictionary, read the definitions carefully, and then post a sentence for each of them. We will then comment on your use and see if you have understood correctly.

    Also, please make your font smaller. Some of us are a bit older but I don't think our eyesight's quite that bad yet.

    Thank you.

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    Re: admit or acknowlegde ?



    (1) I had never thought about this until I saw your question.

    (2) I found one answer.

    (a) acknowledge: make a statement reluctantly (you don't want to), often

    about something previously denied.

    (i) to acknowledge a fault. (Only my example: He finally acknowledged that he is a very rude and insecure person.)

    (b) admit: especially implies acknowledging something under pressure.

    (i) to admit a charge. (Only my example: OK! OK! I admit that I was the one who
    went to the refrigerator and took the last slice of apple pie!)

    Source: The Random House Dictionary of the English Language (Unabridged), 1967.
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