Dear everybody,
this is my poem to teach phrasal verbs . please give comments whether it is boring or lengthy. Thank you

i belong to you
who are ready
to provide me with light
from the sky that goes by
i belong to you
who are ready
to let me down
on such a fine day
i may find it hard
to get over
by cooling off
on your shoulder
then you lean over
holding out your hand

to hold up my tears
for fear that
i would fall behind
whie you go ahead
like ajet tried out
while i fallout l
like a town
with no shape
like a bridemaid
with no hair
while you take care of her
like a bird cares for its birdies
like the sea bring up its pearls
which never turn back
to look after the lonely old
the soul has grown up
without competing but never gives in
to temptation
and always fond of
helping the weak
and the poor
to make sure
the heart beats
the rhythm of peace
like me
waiting for you
who go away
but always say
i love you
to take off the blues in my heart
i belong to you
who seem far
like my star
yet quite near
like my tears
for joys
on hearing your voice