Below i have mentioned 3 questions and my answers to them. Please advise needed correction in terms of grammatical mistakes and flow.

Describe your career strategy and how a Krannert Master's degree, at this time, will assist you in achieving your career goals. Limit your response to no more than 300 words.

I want to be a corporate financial analyst and help financial institutions in making right financial decisions to ensure future economic stability and at the same time maximize returns on capital.
To achieve my future career ambitions I need to gain knowledge of Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Risk management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Planning. I want to acquire skill of applying theoretical knowledge of finance into real world problems and also to be global in my approach.
Krannert MS in Finance is an ideal fit to achieve my ambitions. Itís courses like Options and Futures, venture Capital and Investment Banking, merger, Acquisition and Corporate Control, Risk Management, International Finance, Financial Instruments and Strategy will give me an edge in my areas of interest and at the same time leadership & Ethics series will help me to take correct decisions and implement them successfully. While Team based learning environment will prepare me for corporate modus operandi, studying along side worldís top students coming from diverse demographic areas will instill global approach and out of the box thinking traits in me. Getting taught from top minds in Finance and also their practical approach towards teaching Finance by drawing real world problems will help me achieve deeper understanding of Finance and getting practical viability of financial theories and its consequences. Especially I want to be guided from Prof. Mara Faccio and Prof. John J. Mcconnel as their field of expertise very much matches to my area of interest.
Also your strong alumni network, Corporate relations will provide me with great opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge of Finance. Equipped with the technical expertise and professional skills learned in your university, I will be prepared for the challenges that I will encounter. In my career, I hope to not only work to avoid future financial collapses, but also to help institutions use their resources to the greatest advantage. Purdue University is one of most reputed university with renowned faculty in Finance. Krannert is a brand name in itself. Studying here is every studentís dream. I am confident that I am well-prepared to meet the demands of your program also if it requires me to take any prerequisite courses, I am ready for it. I greatly appreciate your consideration.
--I couldnít bring it to 300 words

Krannert is a global and diverse program in many dimensions; explain how you feel your past experiences would contribute to the diversity and global experience of the Krannert classroom, teamwork, and leadership experiences. (no more than 350 words.)

A team consisting of talented people coming from demographically diverse areas and having a global experience encourages sharing of information, clean competition, hard work and peer development. In my opinion I can add quality to a program which is as global and diverse as Krannertís MS Finance.
. My educational knowledge of Electronics Engineering and Financial Software development would help in increasing the level of Krannertís Experiential Learning Projects and Case studies. During my stint at Oracle Financial Services, I got myriad opportunities to work on Financial Applications used at Silicon Valley Bank and US Bank and at the same time I have worked on NGP, banking software.My professional experience of working in Indian Financial Industry and interacting with US personnel and Australian Business users regarding financial softwares and architectures would bring a new dimension of thinking considering Indiaís importance in world economy.
During my school days I was a Student representative from 2000-03 and Himachal house captain from 1999-03.After coming to NIT Rourkela I played important roles in two technological clubs Mathematics Club and Microsoft Campus Club. Also I was the student representative of my major batch during my NIT Rourkela years. At Alumni Relations and resource Generation, where I was a team leader from 2008-10, with my fellow members i interacted with large alumni network of NIT Rourkela and did the all bridge work between the university and Alumni. My prior experience of studying and working with people from diverse demographic areas with totally different mindset from one another, have acquired me a special knack for understanding people with different ethnicities, their feelings, approach to different problems and their way of think. This experience has made me realized not only the importance of team work but also at the same time its high productivity in terms of creative thinking and innovation. In todayís world where globalization is the buzz word and each decision is weighed on global scale every business personnel should acquire the skill of working in team maintaining camaraderie and at the same time bringing new ideas to the group overcoming all inferior and superior instincts. Exercising Krannertís 12 leadership competencies is one of the best way of acquiring these traits. In my opinion my experience of working in team could be helpful in total productive growth of MS Finance class.
--350 word limit looked less. Stuffs to leave, they prioritize team work.

Describe a major obstacle you have faced in your professional, academic, or personal life. How did you overcome this obstacle? How did this experience foster your personal and/or professional development? Limit your response to no more than 500 words.

ďYou donít have the competency people show with your gradesĒ my professor scolded me in the Mathematics class while he was teaching two-dimensional geometry(2D). I had always been good in Mathematics throughout my school. My Mathematics teachers loved me and exemplified me in front of my juniors. Indeed, I always topped in the class. When I entered 11th grade, I was pretty confident about my skills in Mathematics. I did well initially in my class exams. I took for granted that I am always better than my fellow students, and I canít have any problem in understanding concepts that my friends can understand. This feeling of overconfidence in Mathematics got into my head so much that I practiced little and even when I did I jumped to next question as I got closer to the answer neglecting the importance of any hidden concepts. Consequently, I fared poorly in following mathematics exams. My marks fluctuated but couldn't score my best. This angered my teacher as he had high expectations from me. He started warning me about my performance, but I didnít take it that seriously as I thought I have acquired all concepts and overlooked it. His anger burst one day when I asked fundamental questions on an already taught 2D topic. When the class ended I headed up to home, took one of the difficult math books from our prescribed syllabus and started solving 2D questions as I had been questioned about potential in something as close to my heart as Mathematics. But it was shocking for me as I couldnít pull moderately difficult questions. I thought by studying more examples, I could understand all concepts without studying it from the literature of that topic. All my efforts went in vain. I got demoralized and became afraid of Mathematics as I was more unable to answer questions. I didnít touch Mathematics book for few days. But I couldnít remain away from this. Mathematics is my passion. All over I started again but this time it wasnít just for marks but to prove myself, I couldnít go wrong in something like Mathematics I was good at. I started studying literature of all topics and solved easy questions without seeing its answer. With each passing day, I gained confidence even though I was still behind few of my mates but with the acceleration I had acquired I came to their level before final exam, and even I topped among my peers in the final mathematics exam.
This was a learning experience for me. Life is full of ups and down, everyone should learn to accept failures which are critical to the development of oneself. It continues to be a learning process. Only after I found out I had become weak in Mathematics I started working out my skills. At the same time one should always measure oneself with eyes and ears open. At the same time one shouldnít get afraid of something and get disheartened because of failure. With proper planning and perseverance everything is achievable. Also I learnt Confidence is good but overconfidence blocks learning process and makes one self stubborn. If you have some skill you need to protect and improve it by making consistent efforts. Practice makes one perfect. I got back my confidence in mathematics and till date I am continuing to excel in it.
--missed flow and proper words and also 500 word limit