Here is some parts of my gaduaction research. I will be greatful if you can help me in my mistakes.

1) Third point, focus on the individual not on all students at ones. All of them stated that they are focusing on the student themselves and make a number of explanations levels and levels of exercises to make sure that every student took his rights.

2) The reason for this is I think that each country has a unique language, system and culture. As an Arabic person I want to share the ideas of Arabs with regard to their teaching of English language. However, I completed my research and I extracted three points I wish to consider them in future for best students for best awareness generation.

3) I chose a subject from the reality of the experience and the issue we are living now. My goals wasn't to make a comparison, but showing the positive things in the NESTs and explained them to the students who expected to be English language teachers in the future to take benefit from that. I wanted to know the strengths of the NESTs and acquire them to become a better teacher so I can help to build educated generation not dependable.

4) Took views of the people who involved and lived the experience, not only gave an opinion from books or from a particular person.

5) A lot of ideas crossed my mind that will reveal to me the truth and prove to me if what people are saying about the NESTs is true, or my thinking is true.

6) I enjoyed when I wrote the project because I felt like the journalist who finds a new story and want to be the first person who knows the story and want to publish it.

7) It changed my thoughts as well as others by this phenomenon