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    half the way down



    I will never, in my life, decide to stop wearing gray sweatshirts, so having a perfect simulacrum set allows me to focus my anxiety on my work or whether or not I am dying. Adam Kimmel makes — or made two years ago — these ultimate gray sweatshirts. Heavy but not stuffy, enough to beat a chill but also not trapping, so you could run away without breaking a sweat, perfect for writing with the window open.

    I bought one and liked it so much — and feared their disappearance — I bought two more. All three are currently in rotation in my life, all identical, except one has a very slight soup stain half the way down.

    (For Guys, a Great Find Is Often Multiplied; The NY Times)

    Does "half the way down" mean "somewhere between the knees and ankles"?

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    Re: half the way down

    He's talking about a sweatshirt. Not sweat pants.

    Half of the way down the front of the torso -- just where you would expect to spill soup if you spilled some while eating.

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