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    Is 'compromised' the correct word?

    Mr Soo, managing director and head of consumer banking group in Singapore for DBS bank said that "some customers informed the bank on Wednesday of unauthorised withdrawals made in Malaysia" through their DBS and POSB debit and ATM cards. The banks immediately deactivated the compromised cards.

    Is 'compromised' the correct word? If it is wrong, I would use the word 'affected'.I think there should be a more suitable word.


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    Re: Is 'compromised' the correct word?

    Those cards have certainly been compromised so if that is that particular bank's choice of phrase for its cards which have been improperly obtained or used in such a way, then it's fine.

    You could say "affected" but that would give no clue as to what had happened to them. All you would know is that some cards had been affected in some way. By saying "compromised", the reader would have a good idea of what had happened, even without the first part of the piece detailing the cash withdrawals.

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