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  1. Christian Howgill

    Etymology of the word "love"

    I was trying to find the origins of the "love". Obviously I have researched it through the OED, but it doesn't seem to appear much before the 12 century in English and wondered if you, in your work, had uncovered any earlier evidence of such a word, or rather its equivalent, before this date in any of the more ancient languages, or even physically in the form of hieroglyphics?

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    Re: Etymology of the word "love"

    The following is from
    O.E. lufu "love, affection, friendliness," from P.Gmc. *lubo (cf. O.Fris. liaf, Ger. lieb, Goth. liufs "dear, beloved;" not found elsewhere as a noun, except O.H.G. luba, Ger. Liebe), from PIE *leubh- "to care, desire, love" (cf. L. lubet, later libet "pleases;" Skt. lubhyati "desires;" O.C.S. l'ubu "dear, beloved;" Lith. liaupse "song of praise").


    Also, Greek, eran "to love", erasthai "to love, desire"

    Here's something that may interest you:

    What is the Historical Origin of the Word "love"?

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    Re: Etymology of the word "love"

    A few others in Greek. Known as "The Four Loves"

    Eros (érōs): Romantic love (in ancient Greek, desire). Sometimes this is also equated with "lust", and linked to the word 'erotic'.
    Philia (philía): Friendship, Love (but especially "platonic").
    Agape (agápē): Divine, unconditional love. Sometimes Christians will refer to this love that they receive from God and have for each other.
    Storge (storgē) Natural affection. (As a mother/father has for their children, or we should have as humans for each other).

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